With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to start looking ahead into what the next twelve months might hold. We have lots in store for 2022 here at Tempo, and to start it off, we would like to announce that we are introducing three new products to complete the Akai Home Laundry range!

Currently, our Akai Laundry products consist of a 6kg front load washing machine, an 8kg front load washing machine, and an 8kg heat pump dryer. The new additions are a 10kg front load washer, a 10/6kg washer/dryer combo, and a 7kg vented dryer. We have planned this increased range around creating greater versatility and more diverse options for consumers. These products can cater for any household, from larger families with lots of washing and drying, to singles and couples with limited space looking to invest in a clever combo solution.

For houses with more limited space, a clever workaround is the washer/dryer combo. It still has a large drum capacity – holding up to 10kg of washing or 6kg of drying. This appliance has also been designed to reduce the hassle and expense of purchasing two separate machines, all while saving a significant amount of space! Customers can set the unit to both wash and dry a load (automatically starting the drying cycle once the wash is complete), or just wash/just dry for maximum flexibility.

As a part of this range, we are adding a 7kg classic vented dryer. Vented dryers are the quickest way to get clothes dry. They also have the classic look and feel that most people are used to from a dryer.

With three washers, a washer/dryer combo, and two different types of dryer, the growth of the Akai Home Laundry range aims provide the ideal machine for many different households. We hope you are as excited as we are to see these appliances on sale in 2022!